Make a Donation to the Peter Ashley Activity Centres Trust, Portsmouth
Your support helps us to care for these two Forts and bring our activities to more people.

PAACT is a charity and relies on your support. Every £1 donated is invested back into the buildings and activities, so that you can play your part in caring for these two scheduled monuments and keeping it as low cost for future generations to enjoy.

Whether you support us regularly or make a one-off donation, we appreciate your help in raising vital funds for the charity and bringing adventure into the life of a child today.

You can easily donate to help PAACT in its aim of supporting young people and preserve the Forts heritage!

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Why support us?

Our vision is to provide meaningful and challenging opportunities in a unique environment. Every year we welcome over 50,000 young people from all four corners of the UK. Motivated by our belief that the outdoors and the unique environment of the Forts can help develop and inspire, we love to help young people push the boundaries of their comfort zones and give them the confidence to understand more about their own mental and physical capabilities.

Helping children to come to PAACT

It is thanks to the kind generosity of our supporters that we can keep costs as low as possible so that hundreds of disadvantaged children, who otherwise would not have been able to afford a trip, have been given the chance to enjoy adventurous fun in the great outdoors with their friends.

Updating and improving PAACT facilities

For young people to receive the best possible outdoor experience at PAACT, activity facilities and equipment must be regularly refreshed and updated. Your support, through one-off or regular gifts, will make it possible for existing facilities to be updated and new facilities to be planned for the future – each development, achieved through your support, will help young people to create positive memories for life.

How could your support impact a young person?

All gifts, one-off or regular, will help to transform young lives at PAACT, creating confident kids and creating memories for life.

One Off Donation

Every £1 that you donate is invested back into the incredible historic Forts and to developing and increasing our activities and outreach. Your generosity makes a big impact to the charity and to the local community.

Regular Giving

By donating monthly, you are directly helping us to maintain and improve on our offerings, for example;

£10 – Could pay for 2 young people to have a Limitless session.

£20 – Could go towards an RDA horse riding session.

£50 – Could go towards materials for preserving and restoring the barrack rooms.

Monthly – Donating each month can make a real difference to the lives of many young people.

As a charity we are supported by our generous friends, people like you whose donations are vital to our sustainability.
Will you join us in transforming lives today?

Major Donations

Larger gifts enable PAACT to significantly invest in our historic Fort conservation, and in our charitable activity programmes and offerings enabling young people from all backgrounds and abilities the opportunity to benefit from an outdoor adventure experience.

The support we receive from our Major Donors is vital to PAACT continuing development and success.

If you would like to make a larger contribution to our charity, and have an idea about how you’d like us to spend it, please get in touch with Lisa, by emailing her using the email button below:

Email Lisa


Remember us in your will

After providing for your loved ones, please consider leaving a gift to the PAACT in your will. Any gift, large or small, will make a real difference to our work and help ensure future generations can experience and enjoy our provision for years to come.

We always recommend that you take professional advice from a solicitor to ensure the legacy meets your personal circumstances.

If you are interested in leaving us a donation in your will and would like it to benefit a specific area of our work, please contact us to make sure that your desires can be met. Your gift will be used carefully and effectively so that it can change and transform as many lives as possible. Large or small, each gift is valuable.

By remembering PAACT in your Will, you can help us continue to make a difference in the lives of young people. Your legacy is an investment in future generations.

If you are considering leaving a legacy to PAACT, please contact Lisa, by emailing her using the email button below:

Email Lisa

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What does your donation go towards?
  • Heritage & Conservation Tasks
  • Riding For the Disabled
  • Limitless Sessions
  • Equipment Maintenance
  • Ground Work
  • Site, building or kit maintenance
  • Funded Activity Programmes
  • And more

The donations we get from supporters enables us, as a youth charity, to reinvest in young people and support more opportunities for them.

Any size donation is welcome and will go directly to helping young people at PAACT.

You can also donate offline, if you prefer. If you’d like to arrange regular giving, or a large donation, then please contact our Main Office on 02392321223 and we will be happy to help arrange that for you.

Or get in touch and drop us a message by visiting our Contact page here.

For information on other ways to support us, why not visit our Volunteer Page.

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