Saddle Club at Peter Ashley Activity Centres Portsmouth
Saddle Club at Fort Widley Equestrian Centre, Portsmouth.

The Saddle Club is our own club which enables children to attend the yard and help with the horses. Each member has an allocated day over the weekend, where they attend the centre. During the time they are with us the member will groom, tack up and lead in our lessons. The members are a vital part of our team and ensure that the lessons run smoothly.

The club members pay their membership and are entitled to an hour’s group lesson during their allocated day.

During the school holidays, we actively encourage our members to come and help and earn credits towards “Thank You Rides”. These rides are our way of saying Thank You to these valuable members of the team.

Musical rides, and shows are put on throughout the year to ensure that the children can practice what they have learnt throughout the year and to also allow the parents to come and witness how far their children have progressed.

Social events are also held throughout the year to allow both the children from Saturday and Sunday to meet and enjoy the time together.

For more information about Fort Widley Saddle Club at the Peter Ashley Activity Centres call Fort Widley on 023 9232 4553 for details.

Waiting List

Currently there is a waiting list to join the Saddle Club. For more information or to receive an application to join our waiting list please contact us.

The Saddle Club is for regular riders at Fort Widley Equestrian Centre

Fort Widley Saddle Club Membership

Days and times:
Saturday or Sunday
(according to your allocated day)

8:00am – 5:00pm

Individual monthly membership available, please contact us for information