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Fort Purbrook Amateur Radio Club, callsign G3CNO, welcomes both novice and experienced radio enthusiasts.  We are a friendly and welcoming club based at the Fort.  Amateur Radio, often called Ham Radio, is a technical hobby where the challenge is to make radio contacts with fellow enthusiasts around the world, using a variety of transmission modes, e.g. voice, morse code, digital and even TV.

The goal is to use your skill and experience to make contacts near and far, using your knowledge to operate dedicated amateur radio equipment in conjunction with the appropriate antennas.  Not to be confused with Citizen’s Band (CB) radio, Amateur Radio transmission requires being licensed via OFCOM, who allocate you a callsign.  Gaining a callsign requires a licence, which necessitates training and the passing of an exam.  Fort Purbrook Amateur Radio Club is admirably placed to help you achieve the best from this hobby, offering both technical training, a local examination venue and ongoing support if you become a club member.

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For more information about the Fort Purbrook Amateur Radio Club at the Peter Ashley Activity Centres visit our club website for further information at

Fort Purbrook Amateur Radio Club:
  • Training to gain the appropriate licence
  • Regular monthly meetings
  • Radio activity weekends
  • Weekly on-air radio net
  • Members on-line discussion group
  • Affiliated to the Radio Society of Great Britain

Days and Times:

October to April – Evening meetings on the last Friday of each Month, starting at 7pm in Room FP-1

May to September – Radio Activity Weekends in the club marquee on the Western Ramparts

For an up-to-date list of activities, please see our club website Events page

This gives details of all events for the current year.


Membership is £30 p.a. but if you’re are interested in the club, and in the first instance, just visit us at a club meeting, or by all means contact the Club Secretary, Chris at

All meeting attendees, both club members and visitors, are asked to pay a £1 daily subscription towards costs.

We look forward to seeing you.

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