Mechanical Horses at Peter Ashley Activity Centres Portsmouth
Mechanical Horses at Fort Widley Equestrian Centre, Portsmouth.

Tucked away in one of barrack rooms are two very special horses. These two horses are the calmest horses you will come across. Un-named but not un-used are our two mechanical horses. The first calmly trots at the same speed and regularity enabling riders to practice till their legs are tired how to master the rising trot.

Along with our trot horse we have a canter horse, again this canter horse will canter non-stop at the same rhythm and speed until the rider has had enough.

Both the horses are invaluable to us, as they enable us to allow riders to practice their position and also to loosen up muscles before they ride the real thing.

We use the mechanical horses for people who are unsure whether they can mount, as the horses stay perfectly still for hours, ensuring the rider complete assurance that they will not be hanging off the side if the horse moves.

For more information about our Mechanical Horses at the Peter Ashley Activity Centres call Fort Widley on 023 9232 4553 for details.

Fort Widley Mechanical Horses

Days and times:
Tuesday to Friday
10.00am – 8.00pm

Closed: Mondays & Weekends

Individual Bookings:
£15.00 per 30 minutes for under 18s
£20.00 per 30 minutes for over 18s
*If an instructor is required, prices are charged at private lesson prices – over 18s £31 / under 18s £27 per half an hour.