Air Rifle Shooting at Peter Ashley Activity Centres Portsmouth
Riding for the Disabled at Fort Widley Equestrian Centre, Portsmouth.

Riding for the Disabled is an internationally recognised charity that enables riders with disabilities to undertake riding. Fort Widley is an affiliated centre where we undertake lessons and walkouts for a variety of disabilities. Each lesson or walk out is tailored for the individual, considering their needs and ambitions. We can supply leaders and side walkers to ensure that each and every rider feels as secure as possible.

For riders unable to mount or those who need more time to mount, we have a hoist which can be used to enable these riders to mount our two mechanical horses. The mechanical horses can be left stationary for those riders that want to build up their confidence gradually and just to experience being on the horse. Once the rider is ready, we can then progress the horses through walk, trot and canter, enabling these riders to experience the thrill of being on a horse when they possibly thought they never would.

There are many disabled people that do not wish to experience the feel of being on the horse, but wish to be around them. For these people, we offer grooming and stroking time with the horses. The rider will be able to spend time progressing to what feels comfortable for them. This may be grooming or it may be just standing close enough to the horse to feel their breath. Each session can be tailored for each individual person.

For more information about Horse Riding for the Disabled at the Peter Ashley Activity Centres call Fort Widley on 023 9232 4553 for details.

Fort Widley Horse Riding for the Disabled

For days, times and prices please contact Fort Widley Equestrian Centre for further information.
Call 023 9232 4553 for details.

All rides must be paid for at the time of booking.

The Centre reserves the right to make a cancellation charge if the client has to cancel with less than 24 hours notice, cancel the booking in the case of late arrival. Any person wishing to ride out must first satisfy the Senior Instructor they are competent to do so.