Secondary School Groups at Peter Ashley Activity Centres Portsmouth
We welcome Secondary schools all year round for day visits, one or two-night residentials and longer residential stays.

A great chance to see your secondary school students in a new light, our activity day / days or one-off session options sees students participate in challenges outside of their comfort zones. Or, boost your trip with a perfect multi-night residential trip, secondary schools can experience the best outdoor adventure activities at extraordinary value for money.

PAAC activity days for secondary schools give students the chance to take away more than just life long memories. Each visit is exclusively tailored to support your class’ learning objectives and curriculum. And that’s not all, a PAAC visit builds confidence in young people to try challenges in new environments, increases their engagement back in the classroom and develops essential life skills for the next stage of their learning journey.

Bring them back more inspired and eager to learn – even walking a little taller!

Bringing out the best in young people is what we do best and with PAAC, you can be sure you’ll get the very best support for a great school trip. With us, everything is included – the activities, equipment, accommodation and food.

It’ll be a learning outside the classroom experience they’ll remember for the rest of their lives.

Designing your bespoke programme

The team will design a bespoke programme with you for your students depending upon the length of your visit, particular requirements you may have, such as catering and accommodation, and what you really want to achieve with your students during your visit. Take a look at our programmes that can be created for your children in the links below.

Programmes for Secondary schools

All our programmes are tailored to your groups individual needs. We have a number of programmes that are ideally suited to younger students including our Adventurer Programme, which is a great introduction to outdoor learning and our popular Back to School programme specifically designed with the start of a new school year in mind.

For more information about Secondary School Trips at the Peter Ashley Activity Centres call Fort Purbrook on 023 9232 1223 for details.

Visit our Residential Page here for more details

A residential is an exciting new adventure for children at secondary school. Often, a residential school trip is the first time many young students have stayed away from home.

The Benefits

Residentials have been shown to promote various benefits for young people in terms of personal development, such as:

  • a greater sense of independence
  • personal confidence
  • improved interpersonal skills
  • a greater sense of personal responsibility and time-keeping
  • personal care and hygiene

And what could be more fun than living in the outdoors and spending quality time with your friends?

Base of Operations 

For groups that would prefer to run their own programme and are just looking for venue hire, our centres have some great facilities and our friendly centre teams can offer round the clock support to cater for a range of requirements.

Transition Days

Our centres are perfectly geared to cater for Secondary schools seeking the ultimate in transition day adventures. Breaking down barriers between groups, our activities see students come together to work towards common goals.

Encourage interaction, develop listening skills and improve awareness of others with a full day’s programme built for team building, discovery and, of course, fun!

With such a wide choice of activities to choose from, Party Leaders can share their desired learning outcomes with our PAAC booking team to create an activity day designed to your students’ needs.

Defining the aim of your group’s visit is very important. As their leader we work with you to specify their learning outcomes you wish them to achieve during their visit. These could include:

  • Involvement
  • Setting Goals
  • Broaden Horizons
  • Development
  • Self Awareness
  • Confidence
  • Coordination
  • Fitness
  • Communication
  • Leadership
Archery and Rifle Shooting at Peter Ashley Activity Centres


“The tailored programme and range of activities is fantastic. Our children return from the Fort buzzing, they talk about it for ages after” – 5*

Revision Retreats

PAAC centres provide the perfect venues for your revision retreats. Revision breaks are a great way of focusing students, encouraging strong study skills going forward and reducing stress at a time when students need it most.

Your students can spend time working in teacher led sessions, on group revision tasks as well as private study time. All this in the peace and tranquillity of our beautiful sites. At home students are surrounded by distractions: television, games consoles, computers and much more. Coming away to our sites for focused revision time can make an enormous difference to students and foster great study skills when they do return home. Combined with a schedule of active sessions students are rewarded for their hard work and encouraged to study harder. Not only does activity provide the perfect respite for a tired mind but also reduces stress.

Bespoke outdoor experience programmes

So, you have decided to get your students out of the classroom and into the natural environment. That’s fantastic! Whatever outdoor learning experience you have in mind, PAAC has got everything to create a Bespoke Outdoor Experience Programme that is engaging, developmental, exhilarating and fun!

Your action-packed activity programme will be tailored to meet the specific requirements of your group, so you can choose the learning experience that’s right for your pupils.

Learning Outcomes

  • Leadership, teamwork, communication and problem solving are all key skills that your pupils will develop and make progress with on a PAAC multi-activity course.
  • Their renewed enthusiasm and motivation for learning will inspire success in many other areas of their education, often leading to raised levels of attainment.
  • Overcoming new challenges with the support of their peers, teachers and PAAC staff helps to improve self-confidence.
  • The outdoors environment provides many opportunities for your pupils to work closely together and will help improve their social awareness.
  • Reaching goals as a team means pupils are able to recognise the achievements of others as well as their own.
  • You’ll notice improvements in many personal qualities such as self-reliance, responsibility, initiative and perseverance.
  • Pupils leave with an appreciation for the benefits of health and physical fitness.
Back to School Programme

Back to School Programme

With the focus being about new starts, friendships and early development, the exciting, challenging and confidence building activities inspire lively interaction and emphasis on team building to fast-track the settling in period.

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Adventurer Program at Fort Purbrook

Adventurer Programme

An exhilarating mix of adventure and fun, bringing your class or group closer to nature and inspiring them to see the natural world in a new way.

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